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  • How Low Will You Go?

    How Low

    The HDztea version of “Ex Machina” has arrived. And its serial number is #006 (out of 300), which prompted the question you see in our current poll: Are low serial numbers important to you? We’ve known people on all sides of this question. Some don’t care about the number at all. Some like lower numbers but not enough […]

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  • Thanks for voting

    Just wanted to take a second and thank everyone who has voted in the poll. We want to give people what they want, and asking is the best way to find out what that is. So far, interest is spread pretty evenly. (Well, except for that one person who voted for Zavvi six times. We appreciate […]

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  • On Cacti and Collecting

    I had a friend once. He had a cactus. The same cactus sitting on his windowsill for fifteen years. Then one day someone gave him a second cactus. And within six months he had to move to a bigger house with enough space for his cactus collection. Detectorists is a BBC television show about metal […]