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  • Avengers Assemble


    We’ve recently added a few Avengers-related titles: Iron Man (Blufans Exclusive, Lenticular) The Avengers (Nova Media Exclusive, Full Slipcover – Thor/Hawkeye) Avengers Age Of Ultron (Nova Media Choice, Full Slipcover) If you’re an Avengers fan and don’t have these, you should definitely check them out. Also, if you haven’t seen our Full List pages yet, […]

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  • “Ex Machina” – HDzeta Silver Label

    Update: “Ex Machina” has arrived and it’s beautiful. It’s also a low serial number (006/300) (0006/350). [We learned that 50 additional copies were printed after the original run.] If you’ve been waiting for this title – especially if you’re a collector of low numbers – go grab it in the Shop now. Also, more fun translations with […]

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  • “Birdman” – Film Arena Collection

    Birdman Steelbook Film Arena Exclusive

    Oscars for Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, and Cinematography? Golden Globes for Best Actor and Screenplay? Film Arena Exclusive steelbook? Yes, Please! We love all of the limited edition steelbooks from all of the publishers we carry. But releases like this one are our absolute favorites: amazing films that come only from a single source. There’s something […]