So that’s what that feels like…

The Dark Knight Rises - Nova Media

We’re completely out of the full slipcover versions (A & B) of Nova Media’s release of “The Dark Knight Rises”. At the moment, we’re also having a hard time finding anywhere to get more at a reasonable cost. Prices have been rising on all three versions of this title and it’s getting more and more difficult to find any outside of eBay. That means it’s impossible for us to bring them to you below eBay prices.

But if you were interested and for whatever reason didn’t get one in time, let us know. We love the Dark Knight movies and these Nova releases are the cream of the crop in our opinion – so we’ll keep looking.

On a positive note, we do have several copies of the lenticular version available to order now. It hasn’t become quite as scarce as the full slipcover versions yet, but that could change now that the others are harder to find.