Show Me Everything

Show Me Everything

Full Lists:

There are a lot of titles that we can get, but don’t list in The Shop. Sometimes it’s because we can’t get a good price. Sometimes we’re not sure how much longer an item is going to be available to us. Sometimes we just don’t think the item will be popular. So we simply haven’t listed any of those items for sale.

Starting today, that’s all changing. We’re embarking on a new project: Full Lists. These pages will live under the Special Order menu and list all of the titles that we have access to but haven’t made available before. We’ll be adding lots of titles in the coming days so keep checking back.

If you see something on a Full List that you want, click on the title and submit the Special Order form. We will verify that the item is still available at the listed price. If it is, we’ll send a link for you to purchase it.

We’re really excited about this new feature and we think you will be too. So use the links above to go check it out and look for more Full Lists coming soon…

As most of you probably saw coming from a mile away, these Full Lists were a bit overly ambitious and have become way too much to keep up with. We may rework them so that there are no images, which would cut down on the time. Until then, the Special Order form is the best way to check on a title you don’t see listed in the main Shop.