“Ex Machina” – HDzeta Silver Label

Update: “Ex Machina” has arrived and it’s beautiful. It’s also a low serial number (006/300) (0006/350). [We learned that 50 additional copies were printed after the original run.] If you’ve been waiting for this title – especially if you’re a collector of low numbers – go grab it in the Shop now.

Also, more fun translations with this title: Mechanical Ji, Human Machine Consciousness, and my personal favorite: Intelligent Rebel Companion.

There are several really nice packages that have been done for Ex Machina. Film Arena, Mondo, and HDzeta all did a great job with it. And the steelbook itself looks spectacular with the embossing. We have one copy of the HDzeta release on the way and we’re still looking for good deals on the other two. So if you like the HDzeta cover, it should be here in the next couple weeks. If you prefer the others, we hope to have them available before long as well.