“Birdman” – Film Arena Collection

Birdman Steelbook Film Arena Exclusive

Oscars for Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, and Cinematography? Golden Globes for Best Actor and Screenplay? Film Arena Exclusive steelbook? Yes, Please!

We love all of the limited edition steelbooks from all of the publishers we carry. But releases like this one are our absolute favorites: amazing films that come only from a single source. There’s something to be said for variety and choice, but when a limited steelbook release comes out AND it’s a movie we want in our personal collections AND there’s only one company that’s giving it the royal treatment… in our opinion, it becomes that much more special.

We have a copy of the half slip on its way and we’re really excited about it. It should be here in a few weeks for you to own.

The half slip just arrived and is available in the Shop now.