“American Sniper” – Only At Blufans

American Sniper Steelbook Only At Blufans

We’re down to one copy so if you want it, stop reading this and get to the Shop. For now it looks like we will be able to get more, but the price will likely be higher since there are so few of these and they’re getting harder to find.

(Also, yes, I did get to watch it. So my record of seeing everything we sell remains intact.)

I haven’t seen “American Sniper” yet so I need to watch it before the Blufans edition gets here. I’ve made it a personal thing to watch every movie we sell and so far I’ve been able to stick to it. I should still have a few weeks before this arrives so that will be plenty of time.

Our initial supply is going to be very limited (think fewer than five) so if you want one, act fast once they get here.