“The Fifth Element” KimchiDVD Exclusive

The Fifth Element Steelbook KimchiDVD Exclusive

We’ve found a few copies of this at a lower price that’s much more competitive with what you’ll find on eBay these days. So we’ve re-listed it in the Shop.


We just received one copy of the KimchiDVD Limited Edition “The Fifth Element” Steelbook. This is the Full Slipcover version with the closeup of Leeloo (Milla Jovovich). This variation was limited to a print run of 1,200 copies. The set includes a photo booklet, 5 post cards, and character cards, along with the limited edition number card.

Available now in the Shop.

Well, that went fast. We are able to obtain additional copies, but it takes a while to get them. If you’re interested and don’t mind waiting, Ask for it in the Shop.