“Minions” HDzeta Silver Label

Minions Steelbook Cover

Update: We don’t have any left in stock, but we can still get a few more copies. If you missed out on the first shipment, head over to the Shop to place your order for the next round.


Update: Our package of Minions arrived last week and we’ve been processing the pre-orders. Now that we’re through the list, we have one copy remaining that was reserved but not claimed. So now’s your chance to grab it without bidding on eBay or waiting for it to ship from China.

Head over to the Shop to get it now.


We haven’t even seen the inside of this in person yet – just the publicity photos and other people’s unboxing. But we have some on the way and we can’t wait for them to arrive.

Also, I just have to say that I love that one of the Chinese translations is “Little Yellow People”. So literal.